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Indulge in a luxurious, customised body massage with natural oils and aromatherapy blends to improve your overall health.

Massage Therapies





30 MIN     |     $60

60 MIN     |     $100

90 MIN     |     $150

Combine indulgence with self-maintenance. 

Our relaxation massage uses light to moderate pressure and smooth, flowing techniques that encourage the body to produce endorphins, as well as stimulating its natural lymphatic movement to help eliminate toxins. The powerful healing properties of our pure massage oils also help to rebalance mind, body and spirit so you can leave more in tune with your body, and completely relaxed.

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75 mins     |     $130


Ideal for those who suffer from chronic aches and pains.


Our deep tissue massage uses firm pressure and slow, long strokes and kneading combined with hot stone massage techniques to reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia. These movements help to improve muscle tone, stimulate circulation and relax the entire body. Feel your tension melt away on a journey guided by the soothing scent of natural menthol from the pure essential oils.     

*It is recommended that you increase your water intake after the treatment as your muscles continue to release toxins into the blood stream which need to be eliminated from your system.

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60 MIN     |     $110

90 MIN     |     $150

Beneficial on both a physical and psychological level helping your body to relax entirely. 


Our hot stone massage is a totally natural therapy using smooth-surfaced stones made of basalt. The basalt stones are high in iron, helping them retain heat throughout the body after they have been warmed in sanitised water. The hot stones are then placed on trigger points in your body before beginning the massage, which helps to relax tense, stiff or tight muscles. This placement also assists in opening your blood vessels, resulting in increased circulation which can ease aches and pains, and symptoms of fatigue, mental stress and tension.  


*Please consult your healthcare practitioner for advice prior to selecting your spa treatment.

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60 MIN     |     $110

90 MIN     |     $150

A truly 'Enosis' experience, blending eastern and western techniques to relax, relieve pain and detoxify your body. 

Our fusion massage blends four of our favourite massage techniques including hot stone massage techniques to relieve tension; firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deeper layers of muscle; and two Ayurvedic techniques targeting the marma points to release toxins.

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75 MIN     |    $130

Inhale essential oils. Exhale stress, pain and discomfort. Choose your own blend, or allow our expert therapists to design one specifically for you based on your needs. 

Our aromatherapy massage takes you on a journey of calm and wellbeing like no other. During the therapy, you in inhale your bespoke blend of essential oils, influencing the nervous and limbic systems, and promoting beneficial changes to your mind. To assist your limbs in relaxing and releasing, you also absorb the oils through your skin. Therapeutic essential oils are also known to aid with menstrual pain, depression and anxiety, dementia symptoms, insomnia, and can provide supportive care to cancer patients.

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30 MIN     |     $60

60 MIN     |     $150

Designed specifically for pregnant women in their second and third trimester, providing benefits to the health and wellbeing of both mum and baby.


Our pregnancy massage celebrates the nurturing experience of a pregnancy, aiming to reduce any anxiety that you may be experiencing whilst also relieving aches and pains. Featuring a decadent blend of carefully chosen herbal oils tailored to your pregnancy, this massage is designed to not only soothe the body, but lift your energy and promote positivity and intuition. 

*Please consult your healthcare practitioner for advice prior to selecting your spa treatment.

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45 MIN     |     $75

Eastern wisdom recognises that the feet serve as mirrors to our overall wellbeing – so by massaging our feet, we ‘massage our whole body’.


Our Ayurvedic foot massage alleviates stress and fatigue, activates the immune system, eases emotional imbalance, and improves blood and lymph circulation. This lower leg and foot massage also includes a foot mask to rejuvenate 

the skin.

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