Testimonials from happy clients

“I had a great massage by the wonderful Andrea. Even got family to go who also had a great experience. She is certainly knowledgeable, and provides great support in healing problem areas.”

Carmen Pizzo

“The full body OmVeda massage and exfoliation treatment is amazing - the products are sublime and my skin feels incredible! The staff is very professional and attentive. I can't recommend Enosis highly enough!”

Fotini Kypriaos

“Life coaching with Maria has been a huge rewarding personal journey. I have discovered how to be the best I can be and learn to realize that life is something I can create for myself. There is nothing I can dream of that is impossible to achieve.”

Student of Acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

 “Maria has sought not to push me to do what she thinks I should, but has guided me through times when I felt quite stuck. I believe she has the ability and intuition to coach people to reach their highest potential”

RN;RM; B.SC: Post Grad. Dip. Advanced Nursing

Hi Maria

Firstly thank you, only one word to describe now and after reading your amazing EBOOK you have written you are very talented and we are blessed to have someone like you that has so much passion, love and understanding of the big and small experiences each of us are experiencing on our journey of life if we are truthful to our selves as women . You remind us to stop ,listen to our inner voice and breathe and enjoy the moment and the day. I am so grateful and appreciative for you are very special and rare gem ,not to many people take time to care and assure people there is peace happiness, good health seek and pursue.THANKYOU for all you emails and wisdom ,we are reading and trying to spread happiness, peace to our family , friends and ourselves, keep well and safe to you and family. YOU TRULY MAKE A CHANGE.

Best Wishes Angie Kamilakis Sanctuary Homes, builders and renovators, business owner.

"I sought Maria's services when I was starting my own business, Red Owl Business Support. She coached me through the entire process, keeping me on track and breaking down all my goals into manageable tasks. I achieved all my targets much faster than I would have working on my own. I was extremely pleased with Maria's coaching and would recommend her to anyone needing some"

June 17, 2013, Michelle Ryper, Consultant at Red Owl Business Support

"Maria is an engaging presenter and insightful coach who always has the best interests of her clients at heart. She is professional in her approach and follows through, delivering on her committments and being willing to go the extra mile. She is a pleasure to work with and I have no hesitation in recommending her."

July 27, 2009, Dianne Taylor Synergy Global


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