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Learn how to manage stress with our Stress Reduction Technique combining Meditation, Coaching and Reiki.

Stress Reduction







Learn how manage stressful situations and surroundings, to bring together all aspects of your life in unity and balance.

Developed by Health, Life and Business Coach, Maria after years of coaching clients with stress related issues, this therapy combines Meditation, Reiki and Coaching - bringing together mind, body and spirit.

Our stress can be handled in different ways. At times, we can choose to eliminate a stressful situation, remove ourselves from stressful surroundings, meditate, exercise, or take a break. Unfortunately, it’s not always that simple.

A build up of stress may have negative effects on our health. Working long hours, carrying out family obligations, stewing in traffic jams, coping with financial issues and running out of time to coordinate healthy meals all contribute to the high levels of stress in our lives.


This build-up of stress eventually creates imbalances in our physical, emotional and mental health. Let's remove this imbalance together - with the Stress Reduction Technique. 

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