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Balance & Unite




Create positive internal change with Hypnotherapy. Our Hypnotherapists use a variety of techniques, programs and protocols to assist in refocusing your mind and body on what you want by clearing and healing the unconscious cause of the presenting issue, and not just treating the symptoms. 

> ARFID - Selective Eating Disorder

> Weight Loss (Virtual Gastric Banding)

> Sugar Addiction


Life, Health & Business Coaching

Experience enhanced relationships, happiness, abundance, and a far more focused and aligned approach to all aspects of your life with life, health and business coaching. We take a holistic approach in helping you discover the clarity and confidence to pursue a life that you genuinely love.

> Life Coaching

> Health & Wellness Coaching 

> Business Coaching 

> Stress Reduction Technique

Unique Healing

Heal your body, brain, energy, spirit, mind and soul by re-discovering the cause of why you're feeling pain (be it grief, sadness, worthiness, anger or whatever you feel requires healing). Together with one of our skilled intuitives, you will be guided beyond the core trauma, enabling you to live life again, and open up to freedom and happiness.   

> Unique Healing

Emotional Mentoring

Learn how to find your personal power to live a life of joy, regardless of any person, relationship or event that is unfolding. We give you the tools to evaluate the energy exchange that occurs in your relationships, to create a plan to find more balance and harmony in those relations.  

> Emotional Mentoring

> Parent/Teenager Support Session 


Stimulate the body's natural ability to heal itself on all levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiratual) with Reiki. Using ancient Japanese techniques, Reiki is a non-invasive therapy that provides deep relaxation, assistance with fatigue, reduction in stress and anxiety, a feeling of calm and greater sense of wellbeing.

> Reiki

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