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Naturopathy is a holistic health care practice that combines modern science with traditional knowledge to achieve optimal health.







Iridology is a technique that analyses the colour and structure of the iris, serving as a valuable tool to provide a holistic understanding of a disease, whilst also revealing the entire truth about the body within minutes.

From your eyes, we can understand:

  • Your body’s constitution

  • Energy reserves and vitality

  • Inherited weaknesses of organs and tissues

  • Acidity levels

  • Subclinical manifestations of diseases

  • Primary nurture points

  • A state of your digestive system

  • Your dietary needs

  • Emotional traits

  • Ancestral imprint on your health

This knowledge then allows you to make better choices for yourself, illuminating the pathways for your best health.


What to expect during your Iridology Therapy:


During Iridology, a high-resolution photo of your iris is taken with a special DSLR macro lens camera. Signs and marks that are seen in the photography of your iris are then extensively interpreted using an Iridology Chart.


Your iris holds endless information about your entire body including physical and emotional traits, constitution, vitality and nurturing points. Based on this information you are given tailored recommendations for diet, lifestyle and supplementation to benefit your entire wellbeing.

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