The Bulge - Why we gain Weight in winter

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The Bulge - Why we gain Weight in winter 11 July 2018 The Bulge - Why we gain Weight in winter

What are we eating:

We know you’re not going to the grocery store and thinking yay—apples again! the baked goodies and salty snacks isle looks very tempting, more tempting than fresh-picked fruit. “But micronutrient deficiency from skimping on fruits and veggies manifests itself as an increase in hunger since your body craves vitamins and minerals,” says Scott Issacs, M.D., endocrinologist.

Beat the bulge:

Your body absorbs nutrients best through food, so eating a rainbow of fruit and veggies ensures you’re getting all the good stuff, Issacs says. Go for what’s fresh now—winter squash, citrus fruits, leafy greens—since in-season produce packs the most flavor. If you are on the cambridge weight plan increase your intake of vegies during meal time to fill you up. Or keep them always cut and ready to go for those afternoon carvings.

What are we drinking:

You know comfort foods like mac and cheese aren’t exactly waistline-friendly unless it is the Cmabridge Mac and Cheese, but warming drinks can tip the scale too,. A daily afternoon mocha jumps your daily calorie intake by nearly 300—that could translate to an 450g every few weeks (and that’s assuming that you pass up the tempting bakery items at the coffee shop!).

Beat the Bulge:

Stick with hot drinks that are no- or low-calorie like coffee and herbal tea, and watch for added sweeteners, especially if you drink more than one cup a day: 1 tablespoon of honey adds 64 calories to your drink; flavored syrups add 60 calories. Instead of warming up on caffeine, consider swapping your afternoon snack for a cup of Cambridge Golden Vegetable —less than 10 calories

What are we doing:

Often it is too cold to move from the couch, hibernating indoors means activity levels go down. Plus, with cold and flu season in full swing, feeling under the weather can throw off your normal workout routine.

Beat the bulge:

Aim to get a minimum of 10000 steps a day. This can be easily acheived around the office, using the stairs, parking away from entries and exits, or you can stream your favorite show while walking on the treadmill. Studies show that moderate exercise—biking, jogging, yoga—can help your immune system fight off bacterial and viral infections.


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